University Centre Telč - a new virtual guide
4. 7. 2023
A new virtual guide is about to be launched, this time for the University Centre in Telč.
Faculty of Arts will have its own virtual guides
10. 1. 2022
We are now starting to prepare a set of guides for most of the buildings of the Faculty of Arts of MU.
Virtual guide to Faculty of Social Studies
2. 2. 2015
Virtual guide for Faculty of Social Studies MU has been finished and the beta version was released right now.
New virtual guide released
5. 1. 2015
We announce a virtual guide for building in Komenského nám. has been released and now is at disposal to the public in beta version. 
Guide to building in Komenského nám. 2
9. 10. 2014
After the Teiresias Centre moved to the new premises, we started preparing new virtual guide which would collect information about physical accessibility of our new buidling. 
First virtual guide — to Faculty of Law
1. 5. 2014
There is a beta version of an application mapping architechtonic accessibility of Masaryk University buildings — the first premises we tried to process belong to the Faculty of Law.
More technical information about project can be found here.