Home page

Home page, actually a guide-post, offers interactive list of faculties (or buildings) the virtual guides are at disposal for and the city plan with markers (pins) on the place where the buildings are situated. For making choice you can use the both tools — the list, the map only or the combination of both.

From the home page, after you choose the building you are interested in (whatever way for making choice you use) you will be redirected into the virtual guide application.


Virtual Guide Application


Structure and content of the application:

  • panoramic and still images of key points of the building which are relevant for independent orientation of individuals with mobility difficulties;
  • still images of significant details including technical specifications;
  • text descriptions of the key points (containing mainly technical specifications such as dimensions, instructions to use technical devices, operating conditions of entrances etc.);
  • interactive plan of each floor with the key points highlighted and angle of current view;
  • controls to navigate among the floors of the building;
  • controls to interact with the current scene;
  • trace line indicating typical tracks in the building between the key points and to the most used destinations.

How to control the application:

  1. using navigation controls in the bottom of the virtual guide screen: to rotate the scene, zoom and restore its default view;
  2. using mouse to drag the view: to rotate the scene;
  3. using interactive plan view and the sphere below: to jump to key points and to set angle of current view;
  4. using trace lines: to go from a key point view to another smoothly.